A significant proportion of the jewellery we sell is made and designed by us. Should you wish to commission a bespoke handmade piece of jewellery, we are able to offer suggestions and ideas on style and suitability. Bespoke handmade engagement and wedding rings are particularly popular.

Handmade jewellery

Commissioned bespoke pieces are designed and created on our premises, in the Seaspray workshop. Each unique piece is handmade to the highest standard before receiving the Seaspray Hallmark.

You may have your own design, in which case we will quote and offer practical tips as necessary. Once we have agreed upon a design, we will show you a choice of gemstones before we start work. Once authorised, we will take a deposit and contact you as soon as your jewellery design is completed. Please see our Custom Make Terms & Conditions.

If you are looking for design inspiration we're here to help! Years of design experience, coupled with a significant design library, are the catalysts that will set you on your way to creating a jewellery masterpiece that is uniquely your own.

We invite you to visit our store and sit down with us, for your own personalised design appointment. Together, we can create a design as individual as you.