Jewellery Awards 2023

2023 Queensland Boulder Opal Association Queen of Gems

"Kraken" Designed and Handmade by Bridget Weller

Our apprentice jeweller Bridget, won 1st place in ‘Emerging Jeweller’ for her "Kraken" pendant

Exemplifying exceptional skill and creativity, Bridget, our apprentice jeweller, secured 1st place in the 'Emerging Jeweller' category with her exquisite 'Kraken' pendant, which features an Australian Boulder Opal.

Jewellery Awards 2022

2022 Queensland Boulder Opal Association Queen of Gems

Our jewellers entered in the 2022 Winton Jewellery Design Awards and we are so proud of their achievements!

Award Winning Jewellers, Umina Beach, Central Coast NSW Australia

"Wings of Iris" Designed and Handmade by Madeleine McDonald

Wing of Iris Hair Pin

Our fully qualified jeweller Maddie, won 1st place in ‘Professional Jeweller’ for her “Wings of Iris” hair pin. Maddie's award-winning design showcases her exceptional talent and expertise in jewellery making.

Maddie's creation features an Australian Boulder Opal on a 18 Carat White Gold bezel bone structure wing. It has feathers in 18 Carat White, Yellow and Rose Gold, and has been hand engraved on a Platinum hair pin.

"Bloom of Life" Designed and Handmade by Bridget Weller

Bloom of Life Jewellery Award

Our apprentice jeweller Bridget, was commended in ‘Emerging Jeweller’ for her “Bloom of Life” pendant. Bridget's exceptional talent shines through and we are very proud of her!

Bridget's pendant is a 9 Carat Yellow and Rose Gold 'gum blossom' design using an Australian Boulder Opal. It features a Yellow Gold bezel, set in a curved tapered Yellow Gold 'bell shaped body', with two rows of articulated Rose Gold wire.

"Home Among the Gum Trees" Designed and Handmade by Lily Hamann

Lily Home Among the Gumtrees

Lily, our apprentice jeweller, totally rocked the competition with her ‘Home Among the Gum Trees’ brooch pendant, snagging 1st place in the ‘Emerging Jeweller’ category.

Lily's three-dimensional design has been created with 9 Carat Rose and White Gold. It includes an Australian Boulder Opal 'house', a wooden frame in Tasmanian Red Cedar, and a removable bale.

"Memento Mori" Designed and Handmade by Kaleb Rose

Memento Mori Piece

With only being an apprentice jeweller for 6 months, Kaleb has proved that in a short space of time he can create a piece that is of competition level with his “Memento Mori” pendant.

Kaleb's 'coffin' locket pendant has been created using 9 Carat White Gold. It features a tear drop Australian Boulder Opal which is imbedded into the stippling lid. Inside the pendant is a red velvet inlay and base plate.


Jewellery Awards 2019

2019 Jewellers Association of Australia Australasian Jewellery Awards

Here at Seaspray Jewellery, we ensure all jewellers employed by us are at the very top of the industry and due to our exceptional work, we are multi-award winners and are very proud of these achievements. This year, we entered two unique and imaginative pieces in the 2019 Jewellers Association of Australia Australasian Jewellery Awards.

"Bowie" Designed and Handmade by David Mitcheson

Bowie Daggar

"Bowie" by David Mitcheson, is a stylised dagger neckpiece featuring a freeform Boulder Opal, Sugarloaf Sapphire, Diamonds and a combination of contrasting 14 Carat Yellow, White and Rose Gold. David’s inspiration for the dagger design came immediately from the shape of the freeform Boulder Opal. Subsequent thoughts led to the addition of the Sugarloaf Sapphire in the hilt to emphasise the blue/green hues and finalise the piece. If you'd like to purchase this piece you can find out more about it here ... Plus right now it is 50% off!

Bowie Daggar Jewellery Award

"Aurora" Designed and Handmade by Madeleine McDonald

Aurora Design by Maddie McDonald

"Aurora" by Madeleine McDonald, is a tiara featuring a freeform Boulder Opal with 9 Carat White Gold supporting scrolls on either side of the centrepiece and 18 Carat Yellow, Green and Rose Gold decorative vines. The inspiration came from Madeleine’s love for all things “fantasy” - magic, dragons and even castles. “Why not make an Elvish crown for a Kingdom in a land of Fantasy?”

Aurora Jewellery Award Australia

The 2019 Pride of Workmanship Apprentice Award

Maddie 2018 Rotary Award

Congratulations, yet again, go to our truly talented Apprentice Jeweller, Madeleine McDonald! On 26 March 2019, at a presentation dinner held by The Rotary Club of Woy Woy, Maddie was awarded The 2019 Pride of Workmanship Apprentice Award.

This is a prized Rotary Club Award that "recognises apprentices in the workforce who take special pride in their work; go above and beyond what is normally required in carrying out their duties; and who continually provide a high standard of service in their workplace and the community".

We're all extremely proud of Maddie ... and also hugely proud of Tori Mealor, our in-house Graphic Artist, who was also nominated in a highly competitive field for a Pride of Workmanship Award, highlighting her beautiful marketing work here including catalogues, ads, videos and most recently bringing Julie's 2018 Yearbook dream to reality!


Jewellery Awards 2018

2018 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Masters Awards

On 29 August 2018, Pearls of Australia announced the winners of the 2018 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Masters Awards and Seaspray Valuations & Fine Jewellery are thrilled and proud to reveal that our very own apprentice jewellers, Danielle Shay and Madeleine McDonald, brought home wins!

"Pearls In Full Bloom" Designed and Handmade by Madeleine McDonald

"Pearls In Full Bloom" Design by Madeleine McDonald

Our Year 2 Apprentice, Madeleine McDonald, was also recognised and received a Highly Commended Award for her “Pearls In Full Bloom” creation, entered in the Handmade category.  Madeleine brought her vision to life of “flowers blooming to reveal their pearls” in her statement necklet. The centrepiece bloom of 18 carat yellow and rose gold presents a South Sea Cygnet Bay pearl, extending via white gold branches to two matching smaller flowers bursting with Broken Bay Akoya pearls.

Pearls in Full Bloom Jewellery Award Australia

"Siren’s Helm" Designed and Handmade by Danielle Shay

"Siren’s Helm" Design by Danielle Shay

Danielle, our Year 4 Apprentice, took out the Win in the Australian Akoya Award category for her signature piece, “Siren’s Helm”. Danielle’s handmade ring was inspired by the various myths of mermaids, luring ships and their crews to their doom and the ability of mermaids to cry tears of pearls. The 9 and 18 carat gold ring features a spinning ship’s wheel set with a Broken Bay Akoya pearl and one shoulder of the ring is fashioned as a mermaid’s tail with scales and fin.


Award Winners

2018 Australian Pearl Jewellery Design Masters Awards

The girls’ pieces were selected from a record 60 entries, all of extremely high calibre received from across Australia and around the world. The pieces were judged by a panel of technical and fashion experts including Peter Keep (Director of Jewellery Training Solutions), Catherine Birch (Corporate Adviser to Jimmy Choo) and Kate Hwang (Senior Creative Designer for Pallion). 

Each piece was scored for its creativity, technical skill and the strength of featuring the Australian South Sea pearl of Cygnet Bay in WA, and Australian Akoya pearl of Broken Bay in NSW.

With Seaspray Jewellery being “The Home of Broken Bay Pearls”, both Danielle and Madeleine were motivated to design unique creations using these beautiful, locally grown, Australian Akoya pearls.    

Judge, Peter Keep, stated, “The quality of workmanship and the creativity from the competitors this year was truly outstanding, and finding our winners was an incredibly difficult task.” We here at Seaspray Jewellery couldn’t agree more and are extraordinarily proud of Danielle and Madeleine and their commitment to excellence and creativity.