Have you ever dreamt of designing your own jewellery? With our innovative, new computer aided design system, “CounterSketch”, now you can! Our new design studio allows you to work with David and Julie to help create your own custom jewellery designs. So just what is CounterSketch?

CounterSketch Custom Designed Jewellery

Everywhere you look today, 3D technology is starting to radically change the way we live … from how everyday products are designed, printed and manufactured to how we experience major movies… and now, this innovative new custom design system is at Seaspray Jewellery, bringing 3D technology to the art of jewellery making. Futuristic and very cool, this method of making jewellery is fast becoming the hottest trend in custom jewellery.

Your new custom design studio gives you creative control to customise every detail of your jewellery piece, from the type of stone, the shape and colour, to the metal quality and colour, to extensive design changes. Working in tandem with you, David and Julie can show you a three-dimensional image of exactly what the finished product will look like.

Create your dream piece of jewellery… diamonds, gemstones, opals, pearls … custom designed and made unique to your taste, style and budget… we’ll work with you to make your vision a reality!

Shopping for jewellery will never be the same again when you can do more than just browse for jewellery… now you can help create it at Seaspray Jewellery! We invite you to come and sit down in store and become part of this unique creative design process, providing you a very personal and interactive experience and the opportunity to help create your totally unique, one-of-a-kind piece!