Diamonds from Antwerp

Antwerp is the Diamond Capital of the World

Diamonds from Antwerp

80% of the world’s rough diamonds migrate to one place – Antwerp in Belgium. Here the Kimberley process is seen in action.

The Kimberley process started when Southern African diamond-producing states met in  Kimberley, South Africa, in May 2000, to discuss ways to stop the trade in ‘conflict diamonds’ and ensure that diamond purchases were not financing violence by rebel movements and their allies seeking to undermine legitimate governments.

The Kimberley Process

Diamonds from Antwerp

Only diamonds from Kimberley Process nations are accepted so you can be assured they are conflict free. At Antwerp the diamonds are sorted, cut, and polished to a high standard. From here diamond brokers (David from Seaspray Jewellery, who is an official broker) purchase loose diamonds and the diamonds migrate around the world to become magnificent engagement rings, beautiful dress rings, earrings, pendants and jewellery.

David is able to sort through parcels of diamonds to find the best diamonds for our customer orders. He is also able to search for coloured diamonds, pinks, blues, greens and yellows, as well as emeralds.

Pre-order Your Diamond from Antwerp

Diamond Bracelet at Seaspray Jewellery, Central Coast Australia

The benefits of pre-ordering your special diamond from Antwerp include:

  • Financial Savings – up to 30% savings
  • Getting a quality diamond
  • A diamond that is bright and will sparkle forever
  • Seaspray doesn’t sell substandard diamonds
  • Pay the same price for a quality vibrant diamond as others sell brown tint diamonds with poor symmetry, polish and cut
  • It’s not jut the colour and clarity that makes a beautiful diamond, it’s also the quality of the ‘make’ of the diamond; polish symmetry and cut to the exact proportions.
  • David personal hand selects the best diamond from each parcel of diamonds; each ‘parcel’ contains 50 to 100 diamonds, ensuring he brings home the best possible diamond for your budget.

So if you are considering a special purchase of a diamond, whether it be for an engagement ring, a special birthday or just because … come and talk to the Seaspray Jewellery Team!

Diamonds from Antwerp
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