Adina Countrymaster Work Watch NK60 S2ZFB

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Adina Countrymaster Work Watch NK60 S2ZFB

If the Adina Countrymaster Work Watch NK60 S2ZFB is the first Adina you own, we would like to think it is not going to be your last. The Adina Countrymaster pedigree speaks for itself as an all round tough Hombre. Designed to be worn every day including swimming and showering due to its 100m water resistant attributes, the lines of this watch is what gives the Adina Countrymaster Work Watch NK60 S1ZFB the personality and reputation of a watch that is not going to let you down. The solid stainless steel construction case is home to a fully repairable Swiss made movement which ensures the legendary accuracy our watches are known for, the clear numbered black dial is a very practical feature along with the steel bracelet band. Also it almost goes without saying that this, like every Adina has been designed and assembled by hand in Australia.

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